Royal Moroccan Golf Federation

Established on May 12th, 1960, the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation is a sports association whose purpose is to provide access to the practice of golf in all its forms.

The vision for the development of golf in Morocco, launched in 2019 under the aegis of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, President of the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation and the Hassan II Golf Trophy Association, is the result of a process of exchange and consultation between the Federation and the various stakeholders of golf in the Kingdom. This new vision is articulated around structuring axes such as sports, economic, development, social and environmental.

Hassan II Trophy Association

The Hassan II Golf Trophy Association (ATH) is a non-profit sports organization founded on September 4, 2002, and chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, who is also the President of the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation (FRMG).

The mission of the ATH is to organize national and international golf competitions on behalf of the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation and to promote golf in Morocco by positioning the Kingdom as an important international golfing destination.

Respecting what has been accomplished and innovating without perverting(distorting) are values that are part of the ATH’s approach to progress toward excellence.

Royal Moroccan Golf Federation


The promotion and development of the practice of golf

The RMGF oversees organizing, encouraging, promoting, developing, and popularizing golf throughout the Kingdom of Morocco, as well as taking any other appropriate action.

The Federation works specifically on the development of public reception infrastructure and golf practice.

Competition organization and management

The RMGF organizes and manages golf competitions, at international or on national territory with the goal of labeling a league, a sports association, a sports society, or an athlete as the winner of a national or regional title in accordance with the International Golf Federation's rules and standards.

The Federation is also in charge of organizing and supervising all golf "friendly matches/competitions" that take place across the country.

The RMGF grants licenses and authorizations to athletes and sports managers from associations and sports companies under its jurisdiction to compete in golf tournaments and sporting events.

It is in charge of approving sports agents and publishing an annual list of them.

The FRMG generates and coordinates an annual calendar of national competitions and international meetings, as well as ensures that it is respected.

The regulation of golf practice

The FRMG is in charge of regulating golf practice by establishing technical rules governing this sport.

The Federation ensures that its members follow the laws and regulations governing physical education and sports, as well as those governing anti-doping in sports and anti-violence during the competitions or sporting events.

The Federation ensures that its members follow the laws and regulations that govern golf practice at the national and international levels, specifically the regulations, directives, decisions, rules of the game, and established code from the FRMG and the International Golf Federation.

Contribution to the environment and nature conservation

The Federation is dedicated to promote, support, and encourage environmentally responsible golf course management in the Kingdom, particularly in the field of water management.

The Federation places a special attention on water resource preservation and continues to support golf courses in their efforts to generalize course irrigation with treated wastewater.

Training and professionalization of the golf industry

The RMGF's mission is to promote training in the golfing discipline and professions related to golf course exploitation. In collaboration with international and national organizations specializing in this field, the Federation works to establish the necessary structures and to implement training programs.

The RMGF selects sports associations, sports companies, and athletes who will represent Morocco in international sports contest and events, subject to the competences delegated to the Moroccan National Olympic Committee (CNOM), as well as train and manage the national golf teams.

Support to elite players and professional

The FRMG works to structure this high-level sector and provides proximity support to professional players through the implementation of objective on contracts with sports clubs. The Federation also provides elite players with the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of national and international competitions, including the Morocco Elite Tour, Atlas Pro Tour, and major competitions such as the Hassan II Trophy, Lalla Meryem Cup, and Morocco Champions.

The FRMG is in charge of monitoring sports agents' activities and ensuring that contracts and agreements signed with athletes, sports managers, sports associations and companies, or any other organizer of sporting events protect the interests of athletes and golf.

The economic environment

The support to the golf economy by the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation aims primarily at improving the management of golf courses and the services provided to foreign tourists in order to promote Morocco as a golf destination to international players.

The social development

In 2020, the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation established a solidarity fund to mitigate the economic and social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic's suspension of activity for the benefit of informal and independent staff working in the Kingdom's various golf clubs.

The FRMG conducted a national census among golf clubs to determine the number of beneficiaries impacted by the cessation of their activity, particularly caddies.

Furthermore, in the social sector, partnership agreements were established with schools with the goal of teaching English to young people in the First Tee program to promote integration. The schools assume full responsibility for English instruction by assigning teachers from their teams.