The Blue Course

The finish of the Lalla Meryem Cup will be breath taking with an 18th hole that recurrent twists.

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In order to become a reputed tournament, the course has to have a great finish.

Indeed, the 18th hole should never be a mere formality. On the contrary, it must be challenging for the leader. In addition, it has to increase stress and push her to make mistakes if she loses insight. To Master it and not concede a bogey, or even worse, this hole requires the player’s thinking and developing a strategy. Caution or attack?

Until not long ago, the last hole of the Blue Course was the original 18th. A par 4 of 315 meters without difficulty that led to little reversal of situation. Nevertheless, in 2018, following Cabell Robinson’s teams upgraded of the course by, the decision to reverse the front nine with the back nine highlighted the former 9. However, despite a forty meters extension to its length, this hole still did not meet the conditions for a breathtaking finish.

Following the Challenge Tour tournament in 2018: thinking about a way to make the hole more challenging has emerged? After trying many sketches, a new design of the hole was validated and the shapers went back into action.

They removed the left fairway bunker and created a stream winding down from the fallout of balls at the drive up to the front of the green. If a birdie remains possible, double bogey, or even worse, is equally possible because the attack of this green is even longer and more difficult. This new penalty zone could upset the leaderboard of the Lalla Meryem Cup and add to the suspense of tournament end. Because if only one or even two strokes separate the contenders for the title, then anything could be possible and this 18 will then take all its savor and importance.

Hole #1
PAR 4 - HDC 13 - 363m

Hole #2
PAR 4 - HDC 3 - 424m

Hole #3
PAR 3 - HDC 12 - 189m

Hole #4
PAR 4 - HDC 5 - 351m

Hole #5
PAR 5 - HDC 18 - 454m

Hole #6
PAR 3 - HDC 10 - 185m

Hole #7
PAR 4 - HDC 2 - 389m

Hole #8
PAR 5 - HDC 16 - 503m

Hole #9
PAR 4 - HDC 11 - 382m

Hole #10
PAR 4 - HDC 7 - 389m

Hole #11
PAR 5 - HDC 17 - 480m

Hole #12
PAR 4 - HDC 1 - 400m

Hole #13
PAR 3 - HDC 6 - 225m

Hole #14
PAR 4 - HDC 15 - 282m

Hole #15
PAR 5 - HDC 14 - 497m

Hole #16
PAR 4 - HDC 9 - 367m

Hole #17
PAR 3 - HDC 8 - 206m

Hole #18
PAR 4 - HDC 4 - 381m