Discover the animated Village

A lively village awaits the visitors of the Hassan II Trophy and the Lalla Meryem Cup for an exciting week for adults and children alike.

Free admission !
We assure you an immersion in the heart of both tournaments to enjoy the show :

Logistics: dedicated car parks with a shuttle service – P3: on presentation of the card of licensee or member – P6: General public and visitors;
Catering: varied offers, accessible to all and adapted to all budgets – Club House, Food Court, Country Club;
Fun events: Lacoste Clinic, Mixed Exhibition, Kids Cup;

Activities: various activities and playgrounds for adults and children;
Nursery : a space reserved for young people offering various activities;

Shopping : A commercial alley and the ATH Store ;
Communication : A set of informative supports facilitating the follow-up of the tournaments;
Web and Digital : The Official website : www.hassan2golftrophy.com.